A player may be able to get the kills, or even win the game, but that does not mean they're a good player. They can be just as toxic as anyone else. On the flip side, a player can play very well and play their position will skill even if they lose, and that should be rewarded as well. Introducing community reviews.

Community reviews is a tool we developed to help eSports teams, as well as other players, determine who to pick up. This also helps the community determine how people are in game. Everyone starts at a 0.0 rating, and it works just like any other review site out there. There are a few requirements though:

  1. You must have played in a Ranked match with them, so both players must exist in the match.
  2. The review must happen within 2 days of the match.
  3. You can only review the player once every 7 days, so you can't post a review on Saturday and then on Sunday. You must wait 7 days.

Why the requirements?

Well, to cut down on people just raging at a player because they keep losing to them, we make it so you can only post once. We require a match id to make sure you are with them in the match, you can't review a player you never played with. It must be ranked because people shouldn't be punished for messing around in casuals, and we want to make sure the reviews being made are within sibling divisions. This can help prevent people like streamers from abusing the system too much.

Someone is abusing the reviews, what can I do?

Let us know and we'll restrict their access or outright ban them from the site. We'll also remove the reviews so you don't get dinged too much!