With sites like PaladinsGuru and MyPaladins, why should I use Paladins Ninja?

This answer is not simple, and we have to tread carefully on this topic. Guru and MyPaladins are each very good sites. They each do their job in a wonderful way. When we saw niches that the other sites weren't filling, we set out to fill those niches while still providing the common and most useful tools around the internet.


I'm getting errors, where can I report them?

Most of the time, it's caught by our error reporting and I'll get notified immediately, but if you really want to share the issues then please feel free to post it in our #feedback channel on Discord.


I see you linking other resources and websites. Aren't these sites competition?

We [Ninja developers] believe that that we [Paladins developers] are all in the same boat and we all need to work together to support each other and create a healthy environment for the Paladins community.


Why is there no ELO on my profile?

Paladins keeps any internal ELO/MMR systems under wraps. Although we have hints at what it could be, there's no way to know 100% for sure. Instead of bullshitting you all and coming up with a trash way of calculating it, we're holding off on that until we come up with a solution that is an accurate representation of a players skill level and trends.