Tierlists are a crucial piece of any hero shooter game. Really any game that requires character balance. Tierlists are community created lists that show, what is essentially, a grade of the characters in the game or champions in reference to Paladins.

Creating a Tierlist

To create a tierlist, you must first have a registered and linked account on the site. Once your logged in you can click here and be directed to the form.

Something to note is that the title IS required but the description is optional, but very highly recommended. Please make sure your title is descriptive of the tierlist as you may not get much attention otherwise.

The champions are all available on the right-hand panel and all you have to do is drag and drop them in!

The Tiers

The tiers go in the following order from best to worst SS, S, A, B, C, D. SS is top tier, acknowledged as very "OP" champions, while D is considered the worst.

Don't other sites have S+ and S- as well?

Yes, yes they do. While doing more research into tierlists, the origin of them, looking at tierlists for a variety of other games to get a better understanding of them we noticed a common trend, especially among other sites in the same genre. There's too many tiers. We kept it straight forward. 6 tiers for 40+ champions. That's just under 7 champions per tier. Obviously there will be less SS and D tier champions, while the A-C tiers will be heavily populated...but less does not mean lower quality. We just want to encourage people to really think about where they want to place champions while also not creating confusion for the general user.